The Experience Japan Program here at my university hosts events throughout the semester to help foreigners and Japanese students get together to learn each others cultures and build friendships. I attended the first one which was called"Rice Pounding". We made traditional Japanese rice cakes called Mochi. 

Basically what you need is some cooked rice, a giant stone bowl, and 2 huge Super Mario size wooden hammers. You pound the cooked rice until it becomes a gooey marshmallow type consistency. Then you break off small circular bits about the size of your palm and roll it around in some flour until you have a compact rice cake. Add some topping, like the traditional red bean paste (which tastes a lot like date paste if you've ever tried that) and your done! We even added some melted chocolate! It makes your mouth really dry and is super chewy so keep a drink around. These desserts are Oishī (おいしい )][ Delicious.