Georgia Luxury - Fresh Cream - Cafe Au lait 

So obviously I have no idea what this says or what the ingredients are. A quick google image translate search told me that the title was fresh cream coffee with milk (can't be fresh it is in a vending machine but anyways. Looks really interesting and actually my friend just bought it and said it was amazing. OK lets do this:

Price : 110 ($1.278 CAD)

When you first take a sip of this it tastes like you just drank really cold water, but then 2 seconds after this rush of creamy, sugary, coffee flavor floods your mouth. In most of the drinks I have tried so far, that is the trend: A really watery type taste then a rush of very peculiar flavor, which makes you want to drink more.

This is drink was really good and would definitely buy it again. This one came out cold and tasted like a sweeter more milky version of cold coffee back home. Smelled like spoiled milk though......