Royal Milk Tea - Chestnut Cream

So before I was just trying to get whatever drink looked good and that I could somewhat understand, but becasue I made this page to review the drinks I am forced to try a new drink everyday. That's why I chose this beauty, it looks and seems harmless, so I am trying to pick off the easy ones first. Hopefully I will have tried all the drinks in at least the Seminar House machines. This was a tiny bottle as well but a fat one and it came out super hot, which was weird since it is in a plastic bottle. Let's see how it is:

Price : 120 ($1.394 CAD)

When I saw the colour reminded me of our homemade chai, abut when i took a sip it tasted like really bad chai that a beginner chai maker would make. You know like really watery, but then again all of a sudden that weird flavour burst came as well. It was really good, and I thought it was orange. actaually i was sure it was orange, but google transalte saif it was chestnut cream lol.  Aliterally google translate said the flavour was" Birth By cream chestnut" so a bit weird. Would buy again!