Decided to put these 3 together since they taste really similar. Here are the drinks:

1) Boss "To Melt" Cafe Au laitカフェオレイト : 

Price: ¥110. You can buy this bad boy in hot or cold depending on your preference.  The tagline is bit weird because roughly it translates to " I can make you melt" even though it's cold coffee. Anyways it tastes exactly like any Starbucks Cold Coffee with about ... 5 more spoons of sugar! It was amazing to say the least.

2 ) Georgia Cafe Au Lait - カフェオレコーヒービバレッジ

Price: ¥110 ($1.267 CAD).  Got this hot. Exactly the same flavour as the BOSS drink. Maybey even more sugary, if that's possible.

3) Georgia The Premium プレミア -  砂糖/コク

Price: ¥120 ($1.38 CAD). This was just straight black coffee with a bunch of sugar. It was really warm as well and actually the can burned my hand a little. The kanji  and Katakana on the side are as follows : 砂糖 = Fine Sugar   コク= richness  - so basically it claims to have the best quality fine, micro sugar. I don't know how true that is but Japanese coffee drinks definitely have way more sugar than back home. I didn't like this one too much, was very strong.