I was very very sick, and I woke up around 6 am and my throat was just killing me. So I came downstairs to the vending machine (my abode in difficult times) to see if they had any sort of lemon type drink that could help. I saw this and thought it was orange juice. I asked Otoosan (the seminar house father) what it was and it was actually  lemon drink with honey and vitamins plus it was a hot one. Score!

Price: ¥ 120 ($1.38 CAD)

This drink is perfect for when you are sick or have a soar throat. It has a taste that reminds you of halls or lemon flavoured strepsils but the main taste and consistency is that of tea. That hint of honey really kicks in and for me made my throat feel so nice. I have bought this a lot and would recommend it. Especially since it is winter time here and a bit chilly in the morning, I grab one before biking to school.