So I finally went grocery shipping for the first time in Japan. Was a HUGE fail but you will find out about that in the "Grocery Shopping in Japan" video coming up soon. Anyways I bought all these breakfast items likes eggs and toast etc. At the check out I spotted a bunch of these Qoo drinks in various flavours and decided to grab the orange one so I could drink it with breakfast the next day. Also look at the little animal at the front drinking some Qoo. So cute. Everything here is made to be cute.... everything.

~ Cant remember the price but it can not be more than a ¥100 ($1.15 CAD).

This was probably the weirdest drink thus far. I opened up the top and tried to drink and a bunch of jello came out. I was no expecting that at all. After the initial jello was gone it was liquidy and it tasted like really watered down orange juice but then chunks of orange jello just kept appearing!. I think what happened is, is that this is a fully jelly/apple sauce kind of drink but it melted or something on my way home, I honestly don't know. I don't dislike or like this, it was just plain weird.