It may be that the satisfaction I need depends on my going away, so that when I’ve gone and come back, I’ll find it at home.
— R U M I

I write this while I am at an altitude of 11,583 meters somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. More than 6000km from home, I am travelling to Japan for a semester as an exchange student. I feel like I am not as nervous as I should be, seeing as I know zero Japanese! But I have travelled a lot and one thing I have learned from that and my family is just go with the flow and things tend to work out for the better. It should be an amazing and different experience for sure. I’ve been thinking, reflecting about family, friends, and especially home a lot.

People can get really cheesy when taking about home and travelling: Quotes like “Love is wen home changes from a place to a person, blah blah and other senti stuff like that, which is sometimes very accurate I’m not denying it. But the concept of home is so complex and so many factors contribute to why someone callshome home. Because home is so much more than just the physical location you choose to live in for extended periods of time. It isn’t even just about family and friends, or people in general. It is a mix of both. When it comes down to it home, has everything to do with your comfort zone, that’s it, plain and simple. When you live an area for long enough you become comfortable. The things around you become familiar, you can associate with them. Like the mountains in Banff, or Stephan avenue in Downtown Calgary, or the lights in bankers hall. Whatever it is, you connect with these things like places and food culture in general, and so do the people around you and that is how you build your comfort zone network. Anyone who has ever tried something out of their comfort zone knows that although scary at first, once accomplished becomes a very easy task. So to speak your comfort zone grows! This is exactly what travelling does to your “HOME”. When you travel, and I mean properly travel, experience the local culture, and history/struggles, and daily life you can relate to something new and familiarize yourself with it. This is exactly why I chose to come to Japan. To break free of my daily routine/habits and just completely shock myself. The same way you need to change up your workouts if your body plateau, you need to keep trying new things in order to learn and grow as a person. I am not nervous at all but instead where one would be scared and nervous, I am motivated and optimistic. Excited for the future.